Collection Lawsuit Defense, Settlement

So far in 2022, our law firm has saved clients over 12 million in debt by settlement!

(Not including debt eliminated by bankruptcy filings)

Collection Lawsuit Defense Team, based in Franklin, serves All Tennesseans

If you’ve been sued for a debt, don’t give up! You have rights. Just because a lawsuit has been filed doesn’t mean it will be successful. Banks and creditors often make mistakes in the loans, in the payment history, and in the filing of the case. They are not perfect. They also violate federal collection laws regularly.

The debt defense attorneys at Fitzgerald & Campbell in Tennessee are dedicated to making sure creditors follow the law to prove what you owe.

Over 30 Years Experience

Attorneys Fitzgerald and Campbell have a combined experience of over 45 years. They have a staff of over 30 people who are specifically trained for these types of cases. They do not do any other type of case. You will not find a better team to represent you in a collection defense case.

We will make them prove their case. We will make it difficult for them. We will make it not profitable for them to pursue you. We will hold them to the letter of the law. We will make sure that you are treated equally and fairly. We will make sure they understand your hardships.

We do all Collection Defense cases on a Flat Fixed Fee that includes all costs. Affordable payment plans are our hallmark. And there is no extra fee for a Trial!

See What Our Clients Saved

As the old joke goes: you don’t have to out run the bear (collector), you only need to out run the other debtors! Be the one that saves the most because you got the right lawyer. That is Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC

You owe it to yourself and your family to use your money wisely, including only paying the debts you are legally obligated to.

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