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So far in 2022, our law firm has saved clients over 12 million in debt by settlement!

(Not including debt eliminated by bankruptcy filings)

At Fitzgerald & Campbell in Franklin, our dedicated consumer protection legal team is ready to help you with your:

  • Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense,
  • Debt Settlement,
  • Bankruptcy, and
  • Judgment Defense & Debtor Protection

Debt Resolution Law Firm in Franklin, Tennessee 

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC, our firm’s primary focus is on providing incomparable service uniquely tailored to each of our Franklin clients and their needs. Our consumer protection law firm is renowned for its professionalism, integrity, and impeccable reputation. We are a team of debt resolution professionals who are devoted to protecting Franklin’s small businesses and consumers from creditors. Our firm helps our Tennessee clients resolve their debt issues by using measures such as debt settlement, litigation, and bankruptcy.

Our attorneys and staff are skilled and dedicated legal professionals who are committed to performing every aspect of their practice with excellence and the utmost integrity. We are ready and willing to take on challenging cases and fiercely advocate for our clients to get the results they need and deserve.

We believe in our firm’s motto: “Do not pay it until they can prove you owe it!” and know what to do to protect your interests and help you resolve your debt-related issues.

Our Debt Resolution Law Firm is Here to Protect Your Consumer Rights

Types of Cases We Handle for Our Franklin, Tennessee Clients

  • Tennessee Debt Settlement
  • Tennessee Bankruptcy
  • Debt Collection Harassment
  • Judgment Contests Settlement Liens
  • Debt Collection Lawsuits
  • Defense Settlements
  • Tennessee Debtor Protection

Tennessee Debt Protection Services We Offer Our Franklin Clients

When a person or business is in serious debt, it can be overwhelming. In this situation, most consumers don’t know how to use the law to support their debt resolution goals and attain financial security. For many, bankruptcy may seem like the only option. While bankruptcy is a powerful process that should be utilized to the greatest extent possible, other valuable tools are also available to consumers facing insurmountable debt. These measures are all integral to our firm’s Debtor Protection and Debt Settlement Plans. Our firm’s plans are used in addition to our comprehensive lawsuit defense, bankruptcy, and judgment resolution services.

At Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC, we help our Tennessee clients fight back against debt collector harassment. Violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) or the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) will not excuse a debtor from paying a valid debt. However, if a violation can be shown, it can be used to negotiate better debt settlement terms.

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