How Can a Judgement Settlement Attorney Near Me Resolve Judgements?

How Can a Judgement Settlement Attorney Near Me Resolve Judgements?

How Can a Judgement Settlement Attorney Near Me Resolve Judgements?

If a creditor files a judgement against you in Tennessee, several actions can follow. They may be granted a wage garnishment or bank levy to force you into repaying the debt. They may also place liens on your property. A judgement settlement attorney near me in Tennessee can help you resolve judgements and protect your property and reputation.

There are three ways to resolve judgements against you for debt. You can dispute the judgement if there was an error such as improper service of process; you can negotiate a debt settlement plan with your creditors; or, you can file bankruptcy.

Disputing a Judgement in Nashville

If you believe the judgement against you was made in error, you can challenge it. There are any number of ways you could erroneously have a judgment against you. These include:

  • Identity theft
  • Mistakes by the creditor
  • Incorrect billing/false charges
  • Debt collector using outdated data
  • Service of the lawsuit to the wrong address

Also, if the judgement is the first notice you received of a debt, you should respond quickly to dispute it. A Nashville Debt Defense Attorney can help you formally dispute the debt and possibly have it set aside by the court. Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can work quickly to help you contest a judgement made in error before collection actions begin.

Negotiating a Judgement Settlement Plan in Memphis

A judgement settlement attorney near me in Memphis from Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can also help you negotiate a debt settlement with your creditor. A debt settlement is an agreement reached with your creditor to pay back some of the debt you owe, but often less than the full amount. When credit card debt, medical debt, personal loans or private student loans become overwhelming, we can help you work out a reasonable settlement plan where you pay back some of the debt on more easily manageable terms.

Creditors are often open to a fair debt settlement plan because this ensures they will at least receive some of the debt repayment. There is always a risk that the consumer has too much debt to be managed, or circumstances have made it impossible to repay the debt, and they could file bankruptcy to eliminate the debt entirely.

Filing Bankruptcy in Tennessee

Bankruptcy is an option that can sometimes eliminate debts completely. This does serious damage to your credit rating, but relieves the financial pressure of debt and allows you to make a fresh start. However, some cases are more complex and demand a bankruptcy that reorganizes debt repayment or actually requires surrender of certain assets, like a home or vehicle. A Tennessee Debt Defense Attorney from Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can help you determine which course of action is best for your needs.

In many cases, working with your creditor to create an equitable debt settlement plan can be a better option, plus it saves your credit rating from a bankruptcy.

If a judgment has been filed against you in Nashville or Franklin, the skilled debt defense attorneys at Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC can help you resolve it while protecting your reputation, assets and credit rating. Contact us at 615-845-4595 or complete the contact form to request a consultation.


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